Born in Rome, Italy, in 1959. Studied illustration at the European Institute of Design between 1984-1987.
Since 1990 I live and work in Israel creating high impact imagery for leading companies both locally and internationally .
Most of my work is commercial with a predominance on  food and retail packaging, but  also do scientific, advertising, medical and editorial illustration .
Combining every aspect of image creation  according to needs, from digital painting and drawing to photograpy and 3D 
Award of excellence in the 1994 Illustration Annual of the Communication Arts magazine.
Served as chairperson of the Israel Association of Illustrators in 1997.
Clients include:
Beit Hashita : Osem : Nestle; Muller ; Tara ;Coca Cola ; Neviot; Mei Eden; Strauss Group ; Elite; Jafora-Tabori; Henkel-Sod; Prigat;  Sano; Materna; Bio Pet;  ; Pizza Hut; ; Glidot Strauss Ice creams ; Unilever (Telma) ; Tnuva ; Vita; Yotvata. Neeopharm (Centrum-Lederle); Superpharm; Teva; Trima; Vitamed; Visonic, I.T.G.I. medical; Royal Crown Cola international; Feldman ice creams ; Pasketz Candies.
Dr. Kobi Landsberg, periodontist; Dr. Nizzan Bichacho - D.M.D: Prof.Haiim Tal -Head of the faculty of dental medicine in the university of Tel Aviv.  Influence Medical Technologies; Prof. Haggai Tsur, plastic surgeon;The Tisch Family Zoological Garden in Jerusalem;The Pequot Museum and Research Center in Connecticut; The Israel Philatelic Service.
Collaborates with:
Advertising agencies:Publicis-Arieli; Adler-Homsky & Warshavsky-Grey; Bates-Baumann-Ber-Rivnay-Saachi & Saachi Advertising; Geller-Nessis DMB&B; Fogel-Levin in association with Ogilvy & Mother; Kesher-Bar`el, Shalmor Avnon Amichai- Young & Rubican; Gitam BBDO ; Reuveni Pridan -IPG  Hevron-Salzman.
Designers and design studios:  Adlai & Partners; Studio Merhav; Graphic Design; Xpressions; Neogroup;  Lasky Menachem; Naeh` Baruch; Nicholson New York; Oppenheim Yaacov; Studio Adler Reuven; Rahat Ruth; Vardimon Yarom;  Ruti Cantor;  Greenboim-Daga ; Brand Land ; Ernesto&Matan
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